You have to "Register" an account with us and then after that you can start with us.
Total 3 types of Incomes are provided from the system and anyone can join and start earning from it.
1. Team Bonus, 2. Fixed Bonus, 3. Non-Working auto pool income
"Avior-30$", "Biham-40$", "Cujam-100$", "Dalim-1000$", "Electra-5000$", "Fafni-10000$"
You can deposite BTC or ETH in your wallet and activate pool.
Yes you can star work but you will not get and kind of refferal income or any type of income.
Each Pool has total 9 levels and you can get reward 1 time only.
You have to upgrade each pool manually once you complete the criteria of the next pool.
Auto pool it self define that it is auto matic and pool income will be given auto matic to the achivers.
You can withdraw from your wallet at any time in BTC or ETH only.